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The benefits of a wireless alarm
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The benefits of  wireless alarm technology  is exciting.  It’s not always possible to  install cabling in a property due to building or design features. This  can lead to inadequate security alarms being installed, leaving opportunities open for criminals to exploit. Wireless technology offers a flexible alternative that can ensure that a premise is secured as comprehensively as possible. A wireless  solution is particularly useful when it comes to temporary building work. This is often a time when many locations are vulnerable to crime. Instead of leaving premises open to compromise when building work is taking place, wireless detectors attached to temporary partitions or supporting walls can be a very effective way of combating unwelcome intrusion. This would be often impossible using cabling.

Battery life is an important area of development  when it comes to  wireless security. Previously wireless detectors used batteries that were expensive to buy, in addition to having a short lifespan. In the residential market in particular, customers look at the total cost of ownership involved in maintaining an alarm system. So constantly replacing expensive batteries had the potential to significantly affect the  purchasing decision. In recent years, detectors have been improved to run on lower-cost and generally available lithium batteries. This now reduces overheads and increases power efficiency, with  3 years battery life easily obtainable. In addition the cost of replacements is significantly less.

Another  important feature for personal protection  are panic buttons. In the business world  a discrete wireless panic transmitter can be  clipped to members of staff to safeguard them against attacks.  If the device is activated by the employee, an alarm will sound instantly and the person at risk identified. Wireless panic buttons also have residential appeal, particularly during summer  when more and more outdoor activities are taking place. By keeping a button close to them in the garden, homeowners can ensure they are protected at all times. As panic buttons grow in popularity, so too will increased adoption of wireless alarms.

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