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TCP/IP Alarm System

NameTCP/IP Alarm System


1. Alarm mode: with Internet Network and GSM network alarm, GSM network with
GPRS function, remote arm and disarm panel through CMS or SMS. CID protocol, SMS notification, the priority of Internet Networkand GSM Network is Optional.
2. With a new large-screen, full-touch buttons, LCD graphicdisplay steps, work status,Alarm process easy and intuitive.
3. The full English voice prompting operation: all local or remote operation, alarm information, event log view.
4. GSM-hook and voice telephone with intercom function.
5. All alarm information can be programmed by 16 ways. Please refer to page
6.Sleep mode design,in sleep mode status, all the lights, LCD Backlight, voice and prompt tone are disabled.
7.Alarm panel under idle status is equivalent to a cellphone, you can call through the GSM network for balance inquiries.
8.With associated zones, 8groups associated zone, 2 kinds of association patterns, can effectively reduce false alarm or for other functions.
9.PGM output: With a programmed output port, followed by 5 kinds of alarm events output.
10.The doorbell Audio Optional: 1. Ding Dong 2 Welcome 3. Recording 4. Dee-Dee~
11.Remotephoneoperation:dialing by telephoneoffsite, after password verification, you can arm, disarm, listen-in premise, system status query and electrical switches controls and other operations.
12.Voice Alarm: When panel alarm, it will automatically dial the preset user phone numbers to report alarm information then you can remote control the panel after enter user passwords.
13.  32 wireless zones, each wireless zone can automatically learn the codes or be coded manually via the keyboard and web operation.
14. 8 wired zones, User can set the circuit type and speed of response, support N.O, N.C.
15. Enable enroll total 8 wireless remote, 16 electronic switch, 1 wireless doorbell and unlimited for quantity of one way wireless siren, 1 wireless two way siren, 16 RFID tags.
16. 6 follow me phone#(voice alarm receiving phone#), 2 for CMS, 4 for private alarm receiving.
17. Status inspection functions: enable record and inquiry 512 alarm event messages. Like the time when happens anti-tamper alarm, detector alarm, tel-line off, arm, disarm, system setting, battery low voltage ect. And also can inquiry the zone number and alarm type.
18. Timing arm and disarm: 4 sets of timing arm and disarm time.
19. Electrical switches control: User can remote switch on/off via phone or SMS, also can be controlled manually through the local alarm panel.
20. Zone programmable: factory preset for each zone type. Users can modify all the zone type according to the actual needs .
21. Clock: Built-in full automatic calendar clock, set to local time consistent.
22. Password access management: the panel has one administrator password 16 user password, The administrator password primarily for system administrators to set up the alarm system; The user passwords for users in the day-to-day use such arm/ disarm, remote operation. The administrator password, user password can be freely modified.
23. For CMS networking alarm, depending on the number of users, the user can set fouruser codes(account number).
24. Zone type identification:After an alarm is triggered, the alarm zone number displayed on the LCD screen of the panel, also can send the detailed report to CMS which includes alarm locations and zone types.
25.Al-proof function :if try to cut off the wire between wired detector and panel or cut off the tel line which.
26.The tampering alarm: cut the cable between wired detectors and the panel will trigger alarm, 
27. Anti-tamper function: When someone deliberately dismantled the panel, it will alarm when triggering tamper switch at the back of the panel.
28. CMS communications test: The panel will send a message to CMS at the pre-set time interval to inspect the communication if normal.
29. Siren options:
Built-in siren, external wired siren, Wireless siren. All sirens can be programmed as enabled/disable when alarms.
30. The voice speaker volume adjustment: total 8 level,adjust the volume by a panel arrow keys.
31. Wireless repeater function:can extend the distance between the detector and the panel by adding a wireless repeater of our company.
32. The wireless detector low battery prompted:
Detectors will send status report to the panel every 1-3 hours, the corresponding zone number and the battery voltage symbol will be displayed on the LCD screen and also will report to CMS.
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