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GSM Alarm with WIFI (also support IP camera also wireless socket)

NameGSM Alarm with WIFI (also support IP camera also wireless socket)






WG25 is an innovative wireless alarm system support Do-it-yourself installation, it adopts dual communication to ensure the reliability of the connection. It can send you push notification and SMS or call you. It's a modern and sleek design alarm panel has built-in touch keypad and LCD display, embedded user-friendly menu, the system can be easily programmed. WG25 is a hybrid system can work with wireless security sensors and your existing hardwired sensors. We offer a wide range of accessories to work with this system including independent wireless RFID LCD keypad, solar-powered wireless strobe siren, wireless remote socket and more.

WG25 can program 5 phone numbers for receiving short message or phone calls, users can program 1 extra mobile phone number to receive SMS for the changing of system's status. It's the best burglar alarm system for DIY users. Furthermore, WG25 is compatible with ADEMCO CID (Contact ID) protocol, it can be connected with alarm receiving center (ARC) for paid monitoring service.

WG25 wireless security system doesn't require professional installation, it adopts wireless technology and there is nothing to wire into your house. It's the affordable, DIY-friendly security system for protecting your houses and businesses. Due to its mobility, the system is also suitable for protecting your garage, construction sites, boats, yachts, RV, tents/camp. 



Produt Highlight


Wi-Fi + GSM reliable dual communication

Reliable IoT platform to offer hassle-free Wi-Fi connection

Remotely control and receive push notifications anywhere, anytime

Integrated alarm + home automation + video monitoring

Self-contained alarm panel with LCD display

Touch keypad design for user-friendly operation

Built-in 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi communicator

Built-in Quad-band frequency GSM communicator

Five personal emergency phone numbers

One SMS number for receiving system's status

One Alarm Receiving Centre phone number

Alarm notification via phone call or SMS

Built-in speaker and microphone

Remote two-way audio intercom

Hand-free phone call function

Report system's status via SMS

Alarm memo, entry delay, exit delay

2-way supervised wireless connection

Anti-jamming design

30 wireless zones, 4 hardwired zones

Advanced zone attribute, user-friendly zone names

100 pieces event/operation log

Support wireless LCD/LED keypad and wireless siren

ADEMCO Contact ID (CID) protocol to connect to ARC

RFID function

Free smartphone App (Android and iOS)













By utilizing a wide range of security sensors (wireless passive infrared motion sensor, wireless smoke sensor, wireless CO detector, wireless flood sensor), the alarm system can protect your home from intrusion, smoldering fire, carbon monoxide leakage, basement flooding.





Spending less on home automation, no need to use ZigBee or Z-Wave products, WG25 can work with up to 20 sets of remote sockets to offer you a simple home automation solution. You can turn on/off any home appliances via operating App on your smartphones. This socket supports maximum load 3120 wattage, it uses radio frequency (433.92MHz) so the remote control can penetrate wall for hassle-free installation.







It's a smart system, users can add extra doorbell button to work with the system or you can change the sensor's zone attribute to let system make "ding dong" doorbell sound meanwhile send push notification once doorbell button is pressed or sensor detects a visitor.







WG25 can provide you the easiest video surveillance integration, the security sensors are compatible with both WG25 and Wi-Fi HD cameras. You can pair WG25 system with Wi-Fi HD camera, the connection is purely wireless. The linkage alarm can be easily achieved. For example, once alarm is triggered, you will receive push notifications from both WG25 and smart camera, you will also receive email alert with screenshots.











  • 1 - Wi-Fi GSM Alarm Panel
  • 1 - Wireless PIR Motion Detector
  • 1 - Wireless Magnetic Contact
  • 2 - Remote Controls
  • 2 - RFID Tags
  • 1 - AC/DC Adapter
  • 1 - Operation Manual / Accessories






  • Wireless Smoke Sensor
  • Wireless Smoke&Heat Sensor
  • Wireless Combustive Gas Sensor
  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Wireless Pet-immune PIR Sensor
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Dual-PIR Sensor
  • Wireless LCD RFID Keypad
  • Wireless Doorbell Button
  • Solar-powered Outdoor Strobe Siren
  • Wireless Indoor Strobe Siren
  • Wireless Remote Socket/Plug





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