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Intelligent Wifi GSM/GPRS network alarm system

NameIntelligent Wifi GSM/GPRS network alarm system


Basic Functions:                                            

? Built in Wifi / GSM module.
? 64 ASK Wireless alarm acessoires. 2 wireless sirens,8 wireless remote controllers.
? Support 32 wifi electric power switch.
? Support 1 alarm receiving platform, 2 Contact ID GSM voice phone alarm receiving platform. 4 personal voice phone call and Email.
? WEB IE, Andriod/IOS APP Support.

Wifi Usage:
? Make the host as wifi hotspot, let mobile/tablet/computer access to the WIFI_PANEL for configuration.(Intranet)
? Host add into the wifi network, the host can be add into 7 hotspots at most.(intranet)
? Mobile APP connect to the host panel by the P2P way in any network, 3G, 4G, Wifi. based on our Platform.


Keyboard Usage:
? SMTCFG Button: Wifi smart config mode. quick add the wifi network to the host
? IP Button: qucik to check the IP address of the host. quick connect to the mobile and web IE connection.
Learning Of Wireless Alarm Accessoires:
The host automatically assigned the zone No. and zone type according to the wireless alarm accessoires types. User also can reconfigure according to the needs.



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