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Home Security Wireless Alarm System

NameHome Security Wireless Alarm System


Wired and Wireless Compatible Alarm Kit

? Voice indication for operation,LCD display.
? 8 wireless appliance switch control, 1 wireless siren, 1 wireless doorbell, built-in treble siren
? 2 CMS telephone numbers, 6 follow me numbers, Contact ID communication protocol.
? Support dual-way communication, can connect 8 dual-way wired or wireless keypad, 8 dual-way intelligent remote controller
? 8 wired zone, 32 wireless zone.
? support GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS data transmission
?Built-in video module,can view video output on line.
? Wired/wireless zone work status real time monitoring,  wireless detector low battery real time monitoring
? Transmit alarm wirelessly when telephone line disconnect.
? 4 groups time for timely arming/disarming., Remote arm/disarm, spot listening.
? Arm/disarm status recover when power off, can select free arm/disarm information transmission via network.
? 64 system events record, 10 seconds record for voice alarm information.
? Wireless alarm link output.

Wireless digital PIR detector
?Adopts self-designed MASK with DMT technology
?Reliable detection performance with dual PIR technology
?Selectable digital pulse count, Auto Temp. compensation and energy alynasis
?Excellent white light prevention with white light protection lens and optical protection cover
?Advanced pet-immunity recognition can tell the difference between a intruder and a pet.
?Excellent false alarm prevention with look-down window to avoid blind-corner.
?Reliable performance with tamper supervised, low-voltage check and status report function
?Low current cunsumption, built-in big capacity battery, special low-lower mode and ultra-long working hours.
?Detection distance:12m@25?
?Detection angle:110°
?Working voltage:3VDC 
?Working current:9μA(standby) 20mA(alarm)
?Anti-white light >8000LUX
?Emitting frequency 433MHz/868MHz
?Emitting Power ≤10dB

Wireless audible/visual alarm
?It is a practical deterrent
?Can control alarm or not by remote
?Ease and simple to use, easy to install
?Learning style software control coding, safely and difficult to decipher
?Can learn 48 wireless equipment
?Fits for residential, shop, factory, warehouse, department store and offices.
?DC power:DC12V(built-in rechargeable battery:12V/500mA)
?Remote distance:> 100 m
?Operating Temp:-10?~ +50?
?Alarm volume:110 dB
?Receiving frequency:433MHz/868MHz

Wireless intelligent remote
?6-pressbutton Mini wireless remote
?Fit for wireless control panel
?With emergency button and Auto residential control panel remote control function
?Novelty design, convenient to take along and can be took as decorations
?High sensitivity within 200 meters?
?Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz
?Code:28 bit ID,8 bit function code, 36 digital code in all
?Operating voltage:6V
?Operating environment:-10?~+50?


Model Name
WS1-STII-P1 PSTN Alarm System, Wireless Zones, Basic Function.
WS1-STII-PG1 PSTN +GSM Alarm System, Wireless Zones, Basic Function
GSM + PSTN Alarm System, 8 hardwired zones, Wireless Zones, Basic Function.




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