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Door sensor with emergency Button

NameDoor sensor with emergency Button



Name: Smart Wireless Magnetic Contact

Key Features:
1. Smart door/window magnetic contact for smart zone application
2. Wireless magnetic contact with panic button.
3. Wireless magnetic cotnact with smart mount bracket design, easy to installation and maintenance.
4. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, can expand the usage of life-span.
5. On the back with power ON/OFF design and built-in recharge jack port.

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC 3.7V, Powered by Li-ion Rechargeable Battery.
Standby current: ≤5uA
Transmitting current: ≤15mA
Battery life: After recharge 1 to 2 years, can recharged 10000 times.
Transmitting Frequency.: 433MHz
Sending distance: 200m (in the open area)
Code mode: learning code

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