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Wireless door sensor with emergency button

NameWireless door sensor with emergency button


This product is the wireless magnetic switch detector. Hereinafter be called the detector. It can be used for all kinds of anti-burglar alarm system to detect whether the door, window or drawer is illegally open or moved. Once opening or moving detected, the detector will immediately send the signal in a wireless way to the mainframe, so as to achieve the goal of anti-burglar alarm.


? 1*1.5V AA battery, ultra-low power consumption in static mode
? Can detect under low-power status
? MCU digital code, compatible with 2262/1527 coding
? Button with 3 functions optional: testing, code-matching and emergency button
? Anti-RF interference(20V/m-1GHz)
? SMT process
? Built-in antenna with elegant appearance
? Novel appearance design, perfect match to home decoration


The button is with 3 functions optional:
(1)Code-matching function
Set the mainframe at the learning mode, press the button for 2 sec. to match the code with the mainframe.
(2)Test function
After the code matching with the mainframe, press the button for 2 sec. to turn the red indicator on and the mainframe can response, which implies the detector works well.
(3)Emergency button
When emergency occurs, press the button and the detector will immediately send the emergency signal to the mainframe.

(Front view)  

(Inside view)


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